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Why should you rent a website in the first place?

The answer to that question can be short and simple:

You know exactly what the monthly cost of your website will be and you know for a fact that your site will always be found on Google by all surfers trying to find the main keyword for your local market, simply because your website will be on Google's first page, yes that means SERP 1. 

How can MYOB! give such a bold Google page 1 guarantee?

The answer to that question can be short and simple as well:

In fact it is not really a guarantee. You see, we don't make promises, we deliver before you even have to pay 1 single cent! So in reality it is more a "No Cure, No Pay" deal. 

We do the work, we publish the site and you do not have to do anything, just type your keyword into Google from time to time and see where your new site can be found in their listings.

As soon as it hits the Google SERP 1 (Search Engine Results Page 1)  the first of your monthy payments becomes due. Not a moment sooner than that. So all the extra webtraffic your new site gets you while it is not yet listed on Google's Page 1 will be yours for free, no additional charges whatsoever! 

In the odd case that MYOB! does not get your website on Google's page 1 for your desired keyword there are 2 options:

1) You can pick a different keyword and MYOB! will optimise your website for this keyword as well and start to promote your =iii= Rent-A-Site pages again.

2) MYOB! acknowledges that the competition for your keyword is too steep to realise Page 1 results and gives you the choice between renting your site anyway or retracting the order, in which case you owe nothing, but MYOB! gets to keep the website and is free to do anything they want with it. 

What exactly is =iii= Rent-A-Site?

Rent-A-Site is a main component of =iii= and a complete all in 1 product, offering you a website that is optimised for the best performing keywords in your local market and that comes including:

  • =iii= Keyword Research
  • =iii= Best (keyword based) Domainname Registration
  • =iii= Website Hosting
  • =iii= Website Design
  • =iii= Website Optimising for your main keywords
  • =iii= Power Promoting Principles
  • =iii= Guaranteed Google Page 1 organic search result

=iii= starts with Rent-A-Site, our flagship product, giving your website the Google findability it deserves, that is a Google page 1 organic search result for your desired local searches. From then on your Google page 1 Rent-A-Site website will be the main focus of all the marketing campains for your company.

For further information on the =iii= Intelligent Internet Integration total marketing concept just browse this site and most of your questions will be answered.

If you want your own =iii= Rent-A-Site for your business all you have to do is fill in this form. 

Please note that MYOB! will do only 1 =iii= Rent-A-Site per local industry, so if you see the huge advantages of having your own Rent-A-Site on page 1 of Google for a fixed amount per month, you need to act fast as the making of the Rent-A-Site websites will be on a strict first come, first served base.  

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