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Intelligent Internet Integration


  MYOB! - Triple-i =iii= The Concept

A short roadmap to =iii= The New Way of Marketing

The iii concept is relatively simple:

By using all available resources (both off- and online) to get links to your website you can easily start your listbuilding and from there begin to interact with your website visitors. These are your prospects and future clients/customers. They form the base of your biz!

If you have a brick and mortar company (as opposed to a virtual one, an internet biz), then you should start interacting with your callers (your store visitors) too, not next week, not tomorrow, but NOW. The first thing you should do is realise that you should change your company from a brick and mortar one to a click and mortar one! So get online! Have a website made and, if you already have one, make it interactive, give your website visitors what they want. If you don't know what they want, then it's high time you change that, so ..... ASK THEM! And while you are it: Ask your customers too!

Nowadays pratically everyone and his mother can be reached by email. As a company, business or store you only have to get their permission or have a business relationship with them (they have to be your clients/customers). So get them! (to give you their permission or to start buying from you that is). Your customers and prospects email addresses will become your most important asset in the coming decade.

We see stunning changes taking place this century, the world has never been this small, yet we do not know the names of most of our neighbours anymore and relationships are really changing fast, both professional and personal ones. Nomore lifelong careers with the same company, but having numerous jobs with numerous employers throughout your life. Nomore golden weddings, but loads of different partners instead. No more friendly neighbourhood shops, but the same large stores in the same giant malls offering the same stuff everywhere.

These might not be your kind of changes, but as a business owner you should not complain, as this is the age of opportunies. You can reach out to the world  and get to know them and better yet: SELL THEM YOUR STUFF ONLINE.

The iii-Triple-i Intelligent Internet Integration does just that: Handing you the information, the tools, the strategies to integrate the new media into the way your business operates, not as a sideline, but as the most meaningful marketing concept, the most powerful product promoting pitch ever (that is EVER as in all centuries up to this moment!).

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