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myob-logo  MYOB!  - Triple i - The Introduction =iii= Intelligent Internet Integration

What is =iii= Intelligent Internet Integration or Triple i?

Simply put Triple-i is like a fusion meal. Only not with food, but with the =iii= marketing strategies and the PPP - power promoting principles instead!

Put together the best parts of 2 different marketing cultures and integrate them to create a completely new way of promoting your business' products and services.

How does Intelligent Internet Integration work its =iii= wonders?

Depending on your company's product or service that you want to promote, MYOB! selects the best triple i =iii= mix from the old proven marketing concepts and the new media strategies for your business and combines them into a specialised unique marketing campaign tailor made for your target market.

Which marketing tactics will be used in your =iii= campaign?

Which marketing strategies and tactics MYOB! will use will differ for each Triple-i =III= campaign - Mind Your Own Biz! will look at both the markets your company is already in, as well as new markets and then select the best means to achieve results by creating your very own =iii= Intelligent Internet Integration Campaign.

Some of the new media we use:

Niche Marketing

- Locating and Conquering small niches.

Video Marketing

- The HOT Trend of the Moment.

SMS Marketing

-SMS Texting - The new Ultimate Marketing Tool.

Ezine Marketing

- Stay in touch with your customers.

Email Marketing

- Start your listbuilding now.

Affiliate Marketing

- Let others promote your product for free.

Article Marketing

- Start a career as an article writer and let your company profit.

Website Optimising (SEO SEM)

- Our key specialisation. By both designing and hosting your website we can optimise it for optimum SERP positioning (that is on page 1 of the Search Engine Results Pages)

Rent-A-Site Tailor made website

-All-in-1 product: Comes with domainname, hosting, webdesign, keyword reseach and Google SERP 1 guarantee! (that is on page 1 of Googles Local Search Engine Results Pages).

Website Design

- As we want to be as flexible as possible we prefer for all our Website Optimising clients to let us design and host their website for them. To make this extra attractive for new clients we have an offer you can't refuse:

All new hosting clients get their website design totally free!   (limited time only!)

Website Hosting

As we know how important a good hosting provider is to your website we have decided that hosting should really be a part of our services.That's why we offer our own hosting with a heart!

It comes with all the goodies you may expect, is C-Panel Operated and has all the features you may ever need. In fact we offer 3 different hosting packages that only differ from each other in bandwidth, allocated size and number of SQL database.

All new hosting clients get their website design totally free! 


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