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Intelligent Internet Integration


  MYOB! - Triple-i =iii= The Parts

All the parts of the Triple-i =iii=  New Way of Marketing

1 Research (Niche market, keyword and competition)

2 Designing your website (The Heart of Your Biz)

3 Chosing your hosting provider and hosting packet

4 Promoting Your Website and your Biz

5 Start Listbuilding both offline and online

6 Start interacting with your prospects and customers

7 Track every move you make and use the feedback

8 Integrate the various powerful old school promotion strategies with the new media promotion tools.

9 Repeat 4-8

10 New product or service? => Repeat 1-9

What kind of promotion should you use?

         Offline "Old School" Promotion Strategies

         Ads in Papers and Magazines
         Radio/Wireless and TV Commercials
         Direct Mail
         Local events
         Demonstration/Action Teams
         Bilboards, Carboards, etc
         Stationary and Business Cards
         Mouth to mouth
         Press Releases


Online Promotion Strategies


Free Advertising

Social Media (SM)

Social Bookmark Sites (SB Sites)
Forum Sites
Mini Blogsites (e.g. Twitter)
Blog- and Forum commenting
Social Networking Sites
(SNS e.g. Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Hyves)
Article Directories
Backlinking Services
Review Sites


Non Social (no memberships)

Web Directories
Exchange/Reciprocal links
Own Blogsite(s) incl. Blogs on SNS
Press Releases
RSS Feed Submission to RSS Feed directories
Site of the Day Submissions
Unique Sites Submissions
E-book Directories
Presentations sites Submissions

Paid Advertising

PPC Advertising (e.g. Adwords)
Directory Listings
Ezine Advertising
Banner Advertising
PPT (pay per thousand)
PPA (pay per action)
txt linkadvertising
Backlinking Services


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