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A useful section of genuine content to help our visitors

For visitors who think they can do our job better themselves we have listed some of the best resources we use here.

If your company can spare both the manpower and the means to follow our advise to the letter and "do it yourself", then please be our guest!

We will be including reviews of products or services related to the new media here, as well as our recommendations.

For your convenience we have listed the resources we like into various categories. Use them with skill!

  • iii-The Web Sites
    MYOB! - Recommended Web Sites
  • iii-The People
    MYOB! - Recommended People and Businesses to use with and for your Triple-i =iii= campaigns
  • iii-The Links
    iii-The Links - Best Links to use with your Intelligent Internet Integration Campaigns
  • iii-The Products
    MYOB! - Recommended Products to use with the Triple-i =iii= methods and strategies
  • Other Links
  • iii-The Services
    MYOB! - Our own and recommended Triple-i =iii= services
  • Linkinfo
    Linkinfo - How to request a reciprocal link to the MYOB! site



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