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As you might have seen we have no less than 4 linkdirectories on our site, all with link to us possibilities, each one using a different approach. You can have a look at them here (Zeus), here (XChange),here  (The iii Links) & here (The Websites).
If you want to submit your link to our site, you may do so. However we use the following strict rules for all incoming link requests.

  • Only relevant closely related sites will be allowed to have their links placed in our iii-The Resources - iii-The Links page and The Websites.
    This is the place to be, as these page are part of the navigation menu on all the iii sites, so each link here is not just 1 backlink, but can be as many as 50 when the iii-network is completed.
  • All other site requests will not be placed on this page, however webmasters of non relevant websites (not relevant to our marketing sites that is of course) can still create a backlink by using our Exchange, or
  • these webmasters could create backlinks to their site by using the Zeus program, like we do here to have a link directory on their site that they can control.
  • Only PR2 and upwards will be considered for a link
  • Please note once again: Only if you offer a product or service that could be part of or used as a complement to our iii-concept you will be considered for a link in our iii-The Links page.
  • Once you are sure of the right place for the link to your website, you can find out what to do by clicking on the link of choice. Happy linking!

If you think that your product or service is greatly missed in the iii-concept, or could be used a complementary product or service to the iii strategies, you may put a link to our website in a prominent and relevant place on your website and send us an email requesting a backlink, in which you must not only state your link (url and desired anchortext), email, name of your business and/or site, your name and the url where we can find the link to our site, but most important: the motivation why you think that your product or service should be considered a great plus for our iii strategies.
If it's a product, then it might work best if you include a downloadlink for that product, so that we can test the possibilities (this will often be more convincing than words).
If it's a service: Letting us use it might have the same advantages.

All serious linkrequest will be judged by human eye and hand and will be manually added, so be patient.
As stated earlier in our linking rules: Non serious request will be neglected.

Example email text you may copy and paste in our contact form.

Subject: Linkrequest

I'd like a link on your site
You can find my link to yoursite here: (url to link, e.g.
anchortxt: iii-intelligent internet integration
My sitename is, my name is (your name)
my emailaddress: (email)
Motivation: I consider my product/service an ideal part/supplement to the iii concept because:

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