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  News Release #1- SMS Marketing


Have you read our latest article on the hottest trend for the coming years yet? The trend of course will be mobile marketing, a.k.a. SMS Marketing, a.k.a. Texting or text marketing, or text message marketing. 

We have been busy searching the net for the best SMS Marketing tools we could find and here's what we came up with:

The ideal texting system for any business, no matter how big or small, giving you the choice of doing it all yourself (D.I.Y.), or let us do everything for you (LUDEFU)

This is really a system no business can afford to miss! 

D.I.Y.? We have negociated a good start for you: Simply click the link below and get 30% discount on your first month of service!

And don't worry this is really affordable for any biz.

L.U.D.E.F.Y.? We will do everything for you for a monthly subscription fee (depending on the number of campaigns and the number of sign ups your company has each month). The only thing you will have to do is use your imagination and send us your email with the campaign text you want us to send.

Included in our starters pack:

-1 key word that describes your business, product or service and that your customers and/or prospects can sms / text to the SMS Short Phonenumber you get;

-Printed SMS cards stating your keyword and text (e.g.: SMS or Text "newcollection" to 9898 and we will keep you informed);

-Building your database with all clients or prospects that text your message;

-Do your campaigns for you (sending the text messages you email us to your entire database of customers / prospects on any given day and time.


Just open a new ticket using SMS as title and send your details to our customer service dept. and we will get in touch with you a.s.a.p.

Want to test the service right away? Then just text "countmein" to 41241 and you will be added to our text mailing list in order to keep you informed!
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